PHP conference 2010

Last weekend was the PHP Conference 2010 here in Barcelona and I was there the couple of days: friday 29th and saturday 30th.

The conference brought together about 400 people to talk about the PHP world, web development, and database and server performance in web related projects. According to organizers, Barcelona PHP user group, most of the audience was from out the state and during the two days, most of the tracks was from foreigners speakers, most of them, PHP vips, like Ilia Alshanetsky or Ashner Snyder.

Now I'll give you a short summary of the two days:

October 29

I assist in these tracks:

Hidden features of PHP – Ilia Alshanetsky

In this talk we discussed various issues related to some PHP libraries and how we can improve the performance when we write PHP code. He showed us some libraries for replace some core functionality to improve the performance, for example, igbinary to serialize objects, etc.

Distributed Source Code Management – Hugh Gilmour

This was a good talk about why is better to use distributed in front of centralized source code management tools, and the speaker showed us the differences between Git, Mercurial and Bazaar.

Varnish in action – Thijs Feryn

One of the best talks in this conference. He explained what is Varnish, and he showed us a lot of the features it has and how we can integrate and what are the benefits to implement Varnish in our projects.

PHP in the Enterprise: Develop and Deploy Mission Critical Applications – Kuassi Mensah

This was an Oracle Comercial talk about some of 11g2 features. It was the worst talk I attended at conferences.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones para Facebook en PHP – Victor Castell

It was a practical talk about how we can integrate a simple application into the Facebook world, and how we can use the Facebook API and related resources for developers.

Architecture and testability – Giorgio Sironi

This was a theoretical discussion about how we can build a test environment and why we have to do it in all of our projects. Very simple discussion and it disappointed me.

Comet: by pushing server data, we push the web forward

As we can see from the title, this talk was comet related and all of the stuff related about how we can communicate the client and the server without asking the server state time to time. It was very interesting.

October 30

I assist in these tracks:

SCRUM al detalle: Revisión práctica y perversiones humanas – Carlos Buenosvinos

This was the better talk I attended in the conference. I know quite the SCRUM topic but Carlos in him track, showed me a lot of things that make me consider some of the SCRUM practice that we use here in Ymbra. Thank you a lot Carlos!

APC & Memcached: the high performance duo – Ilia Alshanetsky

It was the first time someone explained me what is APC and memcached (note the difference between Memcache and Memcached). Until now, I had read a lot about these stuff but Ilia, in 55 minutes, told me more than I knew at the moment.

Database version control without pain – Harrie Verveer

This was a very poor explanation of the different dabase version control software we have in the market.

Lemur Framework for PHP – Javier Linares & Paulo Oliveira

It was a curious discussion about the framework that was developed for MotoGP. Initially it was a Drupal based solution, but for different requirements, developers took the decision to build a new framework.

Service Oriented Architecture: a good thing to do – Jan Willem Eshuis

It was a simple narration about what is SOA and why is a great solution for some projects.

In conclusion I can say it was a very interesting conference, but, for my pleasure, I found the occasional missing of some showcase related talk or some discussion with more depth in some PHP related topic.