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Cristina Chumillas

New Orleans DrupalCon restrospective

This year I have been for the very first time in a north american DrupalCon. After Amsterdam and Barcelona, ​​this time I went to New Orleans from 9th to 13th of May. For those who have never been in a Drupalcon the main event is from Tuesday to Thursday with sessions and other activities, but there are many other activities during the rest of the week and the weekends before and after. While Monday is for trainings, Summits and...

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Pako Garcia

How we lived DrupalCamp Spain 2016

This past weekend we had the big pleasure of attending and enjoy, like we do every year, of DrupalCamp Spain 2016, the most important national Drupal event in Spain. This Drupalcamp happened in the city of Granada, at the Science park.

This year the event was longer than usual, having days with sprints since Tuesday. That made contributor attendance grow with the help of international mentors that traveled some days before.

On Friday the...

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Pako Garcia

What a Frontend United journey!

This past weekend in København occurred the Frontend United, the most important frontend event in the Drupal community, and Cristina and me could be there enjoying a lot.

First of all I must to say how nice visit København has been, it's a beautiful city where you can go everywhere using a bike and it's full of interesting places and kind people.

We visited the center of the city and enjoyed walking across its parks, visited the Botanic Museum and discovered its his cool restaurants and the good...

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Pako Garcia

Our experience in #drupaldevdays Szeged 2014

During this week part of our team attended Drupal Developer Days in Szeged. As we explained, we are very proud to be recurrent attendees of Drupal Developer Days conferences, and this year we started to be more deeply involved in the Drupal project sprints. It was a very cool experience and a very good oportunitty to sit together with some of the more influencing developers in the community, working and learning with them. As a summary...

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Carlos Cámara

November's Contribution day

One of the things I like the most of working at Ymbra is its commitment to drupal community and its values. One example of its commitment are the so-called "contribution days" that are celebrated last friday of every month in which every staff member changes their regular work at ymbra with something of their interest that has to improve drupal or opensource community. Although they have been held for quite some time, last November's edition was quite different from previous experiences: instead of spending some time to search something in drupal's issue queue in...


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