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Pako Garcia

How we lived DrupalCamp Spain 2016

This past weekend we had the big pleasure of attending and enjoy, like we do every year, of DrupalCamp Spain 2016, the most important national Drupal event in Spain. This Drupalcamp happened in the city of Granada, at the Science park.

This year the event was longer than usual, having days with sprints since Tuesday. That made contributor attendance grow with the help of international mentors that traveled some days before.

On Friday the...

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Cristina Chumillas

The Drupal Business & Community Days travel

The Drupal event season has already started and this past weekend was the Business & Community Drupal Days in Heidelberg, a new Drupal event in Germany. The uniqueness of this one was that the activities were separated on 2 tracks: the Business Days and Community Days, which I attended. The format was similar to the Drupal Dev Days (based on contribution sprints) with local attendess and people from across Europe participating.


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Pako Garcia

What a Frontend United journey!

This past weekend in København occurred the Frontend United, the most important frontend event in the Drupal community, and Cristina and me could be there enjoying a lot.

First of all I must to say how nice visit København has been, it's a beautiful city where you can go everywhere using a bike and it's full of interesting places and kind people.

We visited the center of the city and enjoyed walking across its parks, visited the Botanic Museum and discovered its his cool restaurants and the good...

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Pedro Cambra

DrupalCon Amsterdam Coding and Development track

While the American Drupalistas (and some brave travellers) are enjoying a fantastic DrupalCon in Austin, the Amsterdam organising comittee is working hard to produce the best European DrupalCon ever. This team is formed by Drupal Association staff and a group of volunteers, of which I am one, and at the moment we're in the process of getting session proposals and selecting the best possible content.

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Ramon Vilar

We were at DrupalCamp Spain Valencia 2014 and it was awesome

We were in Valencia from May 16th to 18th to attend DrupalCamp Spain 2014. It was our 5th DrupalCamp Spain as sponsors and attendees since our foundation as a company, and it was the second one with at least more than half of our team doing a session. These are our impressions about this awesome event.

On Friday 16th, Ramon attended the Drupal Business Day, a CxO like day to share knowledge with other Drupal shops from Spain, and even some from the rest of Europe. The day was split in two: one part was dedicated to UX, Agile...


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