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    Pako Garcia

    How we lived DrupalCamp Spain 2016

    This past weekend we had the big pleasure of attending and enjoy, like we do every year, of DrupalCamp Spain 2016, the most important national Drupal event in Spain. This Drupalcamp happened in the city of Granada, at the Science park.

    This year the event was longer than usual, having days with sprints since Tuesday. That made contributor attendance grow with the help of international mentors that traveled some days before.

    On Friday the...

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    Mercè Pedraza

    How to get started with Behat

    Automated testing is one of the resources that greatly facilitates the task of development and one of the tools we can use with good integration with Drupal is Behat. It's an open source framework for behavioral testing, and that means that the testing is done using the web as a user would do.

    One of its main strengths is its readability: it is written in natural language describing the behavior to be tested, and allows us to check at any time if our application behaves as expected.

    In Ymbra we find it especially useful to know if any new changes we have made to the code produces some regression in functionality, which can easily pass unnoticed and take some time to be detected.

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    Cristina Chumillas

    The Drupal Business & Community Days travel

    The Drupal event season has already started and this past weekend was the Business & Community Drupal Days in Heidelberg, a new Drupal event in Germany. The uniqueness of this one was that the activities were separated on 2 tracks: the Business Days and Community Days, which I attended. The format was similar to the Drupal Dev Days (based on contribution sprints) with local attendess and people from across Europe participating.


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    Ramon Vilar

    Website for Viladecans council 2011-2015 term

    This year, in addition to the regular magazine to show to the citizens all the projects performed during the last term, Viladecans council wanted to enrich the experience with the “Tu ets Viladecans” campaign. It includes a website showing all the projects performed sorted by scope and a profile where the project is focused to find the correct information easier.


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    Ramon Vilar

    We are looking for a junior Drupal developer

    This position is now closed

    We are looking for a junior developer to join our backend developers team. We offer the possibility of being part of demanding team, working in a relaxed enviroment and using agile methodologies.

    We are specialists in web development using the Drupal open source project. We are a company involved with the community and aligned with the values of free software, so we will consider your interest in this kind of projects.

    Job description

    • Development of Drupal
    • ...


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