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    Ramon Vilar

    Oferta: Remote Drupal developer

    ¡En Ymbra buscamos un/a desarrollador/a Drupal para incorporarse a nuestro equipo!

    Tenemos muchos nuevos retos, estamos creciendo y por ello estamos buscando incorporar un/a desarrollador/a Drupal que pueda unirse al equipo de forma indefinida.

    Somos una empresa muy flexible, acogedora y 100% remota, nos hemos especializado en trabajar con clientes relacionados con ONGs, Retail o Administración Pública ¡y necesitamos tu ayuda!

    ¿Cuáles serán tus responsabilidades?

    • Colaborar en el diseño y desarrollo de soluciones basadas en Drupal para nuestros

    • ...
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    Pedro Iturriaga

    Using the Flippy module with taxonomies.

    Recently, I've been working on a project at Ymbra, where we needed a pager between nodes that allows us to have on each page a navigation with the “Previous” and “Next” links. We chose the Flippy module that adds this functionality easily with a minimum of configuration.

    Our project needed to filter nodes by taxonomy, but Flippy was only prepared to filter by content type. So we needed an additional filter to the one provided by default.

    So we contributed this improvement to the module, for those who need to implement the same functionality. In...

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    Cristina Chumillas

    DrupalCamp Belgium 2018 recap

    This past weekend I was in Ghent for Drupal Camp Belgium along with more than 300 people! It turned out to be one of the big Camps, surprising even the organizers.

    One of the best things was the city of Ghent because it is really one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. And in fact I hope to come back soon and visit one of the many places related to design that the city has and that I wanted to visit since my first visit into the city.

    I was lucky to have a session and talk about the Drupal Admin...

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    Cristina Chumillas

    Contributing to a modern administration UI for Drupal

    At Ymbra we’ve always been a champion of giving back as much as possible to the community and that’s why we’ve always been involved in it: participating in the Catalan and Spanish Drupal associations, organizing and sponsoring events, contributing code and giving sessions... But it’s time go one step further: Ymbra is giving me the opportunity to invest most of my time during the coming months into the initiative to redesign the new Drupal administration.

    The origin

    There’s been a conversation about improving the...

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    Cristina Chumillas

    Fronted United recap

    This past weekend I’ve attended the Frontend United in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Although historically it was the conference for those dedicated to the frontend within the Drupal community, it evolved to serve a wider audience and now has top level frontend speakers from the frontend community at large.

    This year the event started a few days before with the sprints. This has been great because we happened to meet with several people who will work on the redesign of the new Drupal administration interface, both on a design level and at an...

  • Carles Tarrés

    Our experience at DrupalCamp Spain 2018

    During the last weekend, we had the pleasure to attend Drupal Camp Spain 2018 one more year, the most important event of Drupal in Spain.

    This year was celebrated on Alicante, at the cultural center ‘Las Cigarreras’.

    Ymbra, as bronze sponsors and Nacho Salvador as volunteer organizer, we contributed our grain of sand to the Drupal Camp Spain 2018.

    The Camp, lasted from Thursday to Sunday and started that Thursday with a free basic training session of Drupal, conducted by Forcontu. That Friday was the ‘Business Day’, where Ramon as CEO of Ymbra attended. The ‘Business day...


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